Here’s a Preview for the Second Season of Mind of a Chef


After its successful vivisection of genius chef David Chang in season one, the Anthony Bourdain–produced Mind of a Chef returns next month with two fresh subjects, Sean Brock and April Bloomfield. As such, the season is split into two, er, hemispheres: The Husk and McCrady’s chef will get episodes one through eight, while the Spotted Pig and John Dory chef will be featured in episodes nine through sixteen. In the sizzle reel, Brock plates and jokes, while Bloomfield butchers and then also tours some crazy, massive meat locker she describes as a “pork library” while examining fresh hams with ethereal marbling. In other words, more meaty content is in store. Find out how Sean Brock cures even the worst hangovers with little more than a vat of liquid nitrogen and a kitchen towel, straight ahead.

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