What to Eat at Meltkraft, Bringing Duck-Fat-Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Kale Slaw to Park Slope

Landscape, with Jersey cow. (Cheese on bread, 2013)
Landscape, with Jersey cow. (Cheese on bread, 2013) Photo: Courtesy of Meltkraft/Facebook

Twice a day, Eran Wajswol tends to 700 sheep and goats on his 120-acre Morris County farm, and the resulting milk is used to make his entire line of Valley Shepherd Creamery farmstead cheese, some of which is aged two years in a 120-foot-long cave on the property. Wajswol sells at Greenmarkets and already has a Brooklyn shop, and by the middle of next week, Valley Shepherd will have opened its second Meltkraft (the first is in Reading Terminal Market), which will serve a menu of seven grilled cheese sandwiches, like the “Melter Skelter,” made with a raclette-style raw Jersey-cow-milk cheese, green tomatoes, and barbecue chips. Sides like fennel-kale slaw will also be available, customers have the add-on option of having their sandwiches fried in bacon or duck fat, and Wajswol says he’ll offer a rotating selection of regional microbrews to complement the lineup. In addition to the sandwiches and beer, the shop’s staff will pull shots of La Colombe and sell Balthazar pastries and, of course, an ever-changing variety of raw-milk and cave-aged cheese to take home. Check out the full menu, straight ahead.

Menu [PDF]

Meltkraft by Valley Shepherd Creamery, 442 9th St., nr. Seventh Ave., Park Slope; 347-889-6290
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