McDonald’s Is Still the Worst Place in the World


The Daily News reports that a "mystery man," who may also be accurately described as a "despicable loser," has stolen at least four Ronald McDonald House donation boxes from Tampa-area McDonald's locations. The suspect is in his thirties or early forties, has a gray goatee, a pierced ear, a tattoo on his left arm, and drives a blue Honda Accord. He's also an idiot, because he's been videotaped committing the crime. Meanwhile, in Korea, a deliveryman for the fast-food restaurant couldn't find a customer's apartment some 40 minutes after dispatch, so he chose to do the next best thing and spit in his value meals, which is not a viable substitute for GPS. Around an hour after leaving, the driver texted the customer, asking, "Was the saliva spit good?^^" [NYDN, Kotaku]