Blame McDonald’s When Wings Cost More This Football Season

Spicy and pricey.
Spicy and pricey. Photo: iStockphoto

Remember earlier this year when wing prices skyrocketed? Turns out it’s just the latest injustice committed against the American people by McDonald’s. The chain’s upcoming Mighty Wings rollout required them to stockpile the main ingredient more than a year ago — and when the world’s largest restaurant chain loads up on a single item, it seriously messes with supply and demand. Prices jumped from 90 cents to more than $2 per pound, and the unexpected effect the chain’s buying patterns have on the rest of the chicken industry may be one reason for the “limited edition” nature of the wings. So, wing lovers of America, you can either pay more to get your Buffalo fix at a bar, or go to McDonald’s and eat wings that could be more than a year old. At least you get beer at the bar. [Businessweek, Earlier, Related]