Matchmaker Café Serves Up Lattes, Love Advice

This screams romance.
This screams romance. Photo: Matchmaker Cafe/Facebook

“Real dates, at a real cafe” is the actual slogan of a new FiDi coffee shop. Here’s how it works: Baristas whip out an iPad and scroll through photos of other single customers looking for romance, while offering personal advice because they know the clientele. This is basically the premise of modern-day Friends. But what happens if you get set up and it doesn’t work out? Who gets custody of the coffee shop? Wouldn’t that get awkward? Owner Nancy Slotnik says, “You can have all of the online stuff, and technology does make it much more efficient to connect — but ultimately you have to meet.” Pro tip for paparazzi: Camp out here and look for Anthony Weiner in a baseball cap. [NYP]