Marlow & Sons Summer Fair Tickets on Sale; EatWith Launches in New York

Marlow & Sons is hosting a summer fair (benefitting Cayuga Pure Organics) across the street from the restaurant at Broadway and Berry on Sunday, August 11, from 6 to 10 p.m. Tickets are four for $35 in advance or $10 each at the fair, and they’ll get you beer, sausages, snow cones, and other summer goodies. [Grub Street]

Pie Face is planting its fifth location in Manhattan at 464 Ninth Avenue on Monday. To celebrate, it’s giving a free seasonal pie to anybody who tags the store in a tweet or Facebook message every Tuesday this month between noon and midnight. [Grub Street]

EatWith, a program that organizes food events in private homes in cities around the world, will launch in New York this week. Join an Irving Farm chef tonight at his Brooklyn home for an Ayurvedic dinner, or attend a tapas and cocktail party on a terrace in Bushwick on Monday. [Grub Street]

Num Pang NoMad has launched a full bar menu, with beer, wine, and snacks like tamarind-glazed baby back ribs and roasted okra with cauliflower creme. Drinks include Lemonang: beer mixed with lemonade. [Grub Street]