Lower East Side Institution Kossar’s Bialys Sold to New Owners

The legendary bialys will continue on into the 21st century.
The legendary bialys will continue on into the 21st century.Photo: Samantha Casolari

News broke last night that Kossar’s Bialys on Grand Street has been sold to new owners. The 79-year-old bare-bones bakery is pretty much the last of its kind, a remnant of the once thriving Jewish food scene in the neighborhood. (The shop keeps the flame alive for other baked goods called mini-pletzels, or “discs,” and the brick-oven bread called bulka.) The sale to entrepreneurs Marc Halprin and Evan Giniger was first reported at More Travelers, and has been approved by the Seward Park Co-op Board of Directors. “We are excited to be taking the reins of this iconic and treasured brand,” Halprin says. ”Our goal is to honor the past while making some improvements where needed.” The bakery’s new owners say they will elaborate on future plans in the forthcoming weeks. [More Travelers via the Lo-Down]