Coolest Judge in the World Rules It’s Okay to Drink in Apartment-Building Common Areas

Grab a six-pack for the laundry room.
Grab a six-pack for the laundry room. Photo: Danny Kim

Just in time for the long weekend: No longer will such tedious, time-consuming tasks as doing laundry or, um, riding an elevator prevent you from partying. Bronx judge Shari Michel ruled yesterday that apartment-building common areas cannot be considered “public,” so it’s fair game to drink in them. The ruling came as Michel threw out charges against a man who had been arrested in November after he shoved an officer who ticketed him for drinking in an apartment-complex elevator. Basking in his newfound freedom following the landmark decision, Steven Chavez said, “It’s a victory for everybody. It’s a victory for the community.” [NYDN]