Philadelphians Really Miss Restaurant’s Old, Racist Name

Go Joe's!

At the end of March, proprietor Joe Groh decided to change the name of his old cheesesteak shrine from the not-so-PC Chink's Steaks to the spiffy new Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop. Folks thought it was an April Fool's prank, until the old sign came down on March 31. (The restaurant's original name came from original owner Sam "Chink" Sherman's unfortunate childhood nickname.) But now Groh says his neighbors are angry — a pro-Chink's petition was signed 10,000 times, and someone even repatriated the name on the shop's front window — and he tells the Daily News that sales have been steadily decreasing since the rebranding. The reporter even gets a taste of animosity in person: A little old lady tells Groh, "You make me sick," before ordering her cheesesteak and sitting down. "You still make me sick," the septuagenarian says after finishing and on her way out. [NYDN, Earlier, Related]