Jack in the Box, Chipotle Settle Suit Over Sandwich Made With Chipotle Peppers

Keep smiling, buddy.
Keep smiling, buddy. Photo: Courtesy of Jack in the Box

Corporate management at Chipotle wasn’t happy, exactly, when fast-food chain Jack in the Box began selling a limited-time meal called the “Chipotle Chicken Club Combo,” which was reportedly packed with a “chipotload of flavor,” so the burrito chain sued. Not only was it the use of the chili pepper’s name, it argued, but it also had something to with fonts and kerning and stuff like that. The terms of last week’s settlement were not made public, Businessweek reports, but the chain has a habit of winning lawsuits, such as one filed against retailer Kroger for selling what it called the “Chipotle Spicy Fried Chicken” in 2012. All of this is yet another reason why “Chipotle Burrito Bowl” is not an acceptable baby name under any circumstances. [Bloomberg Businessweek]