Price Check: Guy Fieri to Host Guy’s Grocery Games

Cleanup on aisle Fieri.
Cleanup on aisle Fieri. Photo: John W. Ferguson

Food Network Gossip posits that the ever-colorful TV chef Guy Fieri, who’s just about to open a new restaurant in Las Vegas, is the host of a forthcoming show called Guy’s Grocery Games, which pits four chefs against one another as they navigate “supermarket-themed cooking challenges” and cook with “five items or less” all in order to win … well, something. Here’s more: “In the end, the food does the talking, as one-by-one the losing chefs are ‘bagged,’ and the last chef standing goes on the shopping spree of a lifetime to make big bucks.” The coupon clipping to the death and miscellaneous bagging begins in October, Fieri or not. [Food Network Gossip, Earlier]