René Redzepi’s MAD Symposium Launches MADFEED

Ulla, in MAD good company.
Ulla, in MAD good company. Photo: Courtesy of MAD

Former Eater features editor Gabe Ulla has been enlisted as a crucial part of René Redzepi’s food and culture think tank MAD, where he’ll serve as editor at MADFEED, the editorial arm of its various chef-genius-collaborators online. In his introductory post, Ulla promises “long essays” and “profiles of people we think you should know about,” as well as dispatches from kitchens around the world. First up, however, he’ll chronicle all of the happenings at this year’s MAD3, the blowout gathering of chefs like Redzepi and Chang (along with their antics) in Copenhagen. Congrats, Gabe — we look forward to reading more. [MADFEED]