Blue-Collar Coffee Brand Folgers Outsells Starbucks

Like a rock.
Like a rock. Photo: Folgers

Though it’s recently made significant inroads into the supermarket coffee aisle, Starbucks is not the country’s leading coffee brand. That honor belongs to Folgers, according to Businessweek, which reports that all of those immense kegs of ground 100 percent Arabica command a whopping 15.6 percent share of the U.S. market, by volume. Maxwell House, which still exists, came in second with 10 percent, followed by private labels, and then by Green Mountain, which makes up 4.3 percent of the market. (Starbucks raked in a mere 3.3 percent.) Folgers was also the top coffee brand of the year in the 2013 Harris Poll EquiTrend rankings, possibly in part because of its recent jingle contest and its incredibly earnest trio of indie musicians who sing its praises in a big open field, right as the sun rises, with the help of caffeine and some archaic percussion instruments. [Businessweek]