Unhappy Dunkin’ Donuts Customer Pistol-Whips Drive-Through Worker


A 27-year-old off-duty security guard in Florida was so unsatisfied with the vanilla iced coffee he received in the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through that he parked the car, went inside, and began beating 19-year-old employee Rajay Hall on the top of his head with his 9mm handgun. Hall fought back as best he could, and in the meantime, the supportive wife of assailant Jeffrey Wright repeatedly yelled for him to shoot Hall. “People sometimes take things a little bit too seriously,” Lt. Michael Butkus tells the Sun Sentinel, saying that exact thing we are all thinking. “I’m sure the Dunkin’ Donuts would have been more than happy to rectify the problem with the coffee, and probably either would’ve given them a refund or a full replacement.” Meanwhile, a little old lady with a walker had to wait in the doorway for the skirmish to break up before she could get a Coolatta.

If that weren’t bad enough on its own, there’s another report of weaponry in the fast-food drive-through lanes today: Morrisville, Vermont, police technicians removed a “badly corroded” hand grenade from the local McDonald’s drive-through after an employee noticed it just sitting there around 9:30 last night.

Man accused of pistol-whipping Dunkin’ Donuts employee over unsatisfactory coffee order
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Police respond to possible live grenade in Morrisville [WCAX]