Dassara Kicks Off Chef Collaborations With Angelo Romano ‘Pines’ Ramen

Very old quail eggs included.
Very old quail eggs included. Photo: Courtesy of Dassara Ramen/Facebook

Those ramen burgers landing on local shores and those appearing in the most far-flung places may be exciting, and it’s certainly fun that Dassara in Carroll Gardens just celebrated its first anniversary with a “Bootleg Black Label” version, but it’s really guest-chef Angelo Romano’s intense-sounding special, which goes on sale tonight for $15 a bowl at the restaurant, that seems like the interesting, darker story. The Pines chef developed a special one-off of dashi and smoked guanciale for the limited-edition ramen. Herbs, fermented turnips, and slices of the cured pork jowl are piled atop the noodles, along with a garnish of “century” quail eggs. [Related]