Fake Cronuts Result in Very Real Food Poisoning

We hope everyone feels better soon.
We hope everyone feels better soon. Photo: Courtesy of Epic Burgers and Waffles/Facebook

The over-the-top hamburger specials at the Canadian National Exhibition tend to be so immense and unruly that they’re just as likely to be laden with extra cheese as they are to be adorned with parasitic twin burgers sprouting out of the sides or top of the bun, so it’s not at all surprising that at least twelve people fell ill with food poisoning, reportedly after they all ate a limited-edition “cronut burger” made by a CNE vendor. Toronto Public Health officials have not yet determined the pathogenic culprit that caused the fair’s visitors to become violently ill, but the limited-edition burger — which is served on a Dominique Ansel knockoff and is topped with bacon jam, fried egg, and/or extra bacon — is the common thread to all of the reported cases. None of the illnesses are life-threatening, and as you may have guessed, lots and lots of people still want to eat those possibly vomit-inducing burgers. [CBC via Gothamist, Canoe]