City Grit’s Kickstarter Campaign Kicks Into High Gear

Photo: Acheson is in there.

This past month, Sarah Simmons has been trying to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter so she can relocate her excellent, guest-chef-based City Grit supper club from its current Prince Street location into new digs with more space and amenities. City Grit has quickly become a vital addition to the city’s food culture in the last two years and this is essentially an unprecedented step toward several cool new developments. Because she’s raised only a total of $24,000 so far and there are just ten days to go, an all-star lineup of chefs has now signed on to help make City Grit 2.0 a real thing. Hugh Acheson, Alex Raij, Georges Mendes, Christina Tosi, Ryan Hardy, Missy Robbins, and many, many more have pledged to cook at the opening party next year. Those who pledge $250 get one ticket; a $400 donation lands you a pair. [Kickstarter, Earlier]