Watch Out for ‘Chef Stabby’ in This Trailer for Cafe Murder Game


Eli McPherson-Burke tells Food Arts that prior restaurant experience “served as some inspiration for the idea of an insane chef who wants to kill customers,” which happens to now be the central motif of his gaming app, Cafe Murder. When Chef Stabby isn’t knifing customers in the back mid-meal, it’s Rainy the waitress shooting cold cuts and (sometimes poisonous) sandwich fixins from a bazooka at the chef’s counter. But hey, the place has good word of mouth. Check out the trailer, straight ahead.

McPherson-Burke and pal Zack Wood, who co-created the multilevel app, explain that customer satisfaction and kitchen cleanliness factor into the game. Because even Chef Stabby, who pops out from behind the line now and then “to attack and murder unsuspecting customers,” has standards, too.

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