Ring of Cell-Phone Thieves Terrorizing New York Clubs

Another reason not to buy the obnoxious <a href="http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2013/08/gold-iphone-is-probably-coming-soon.html">"champagne" iPhone 5S</a>.
Another reason not to buy the obnoxious "champagne" iPhone 5S.

Remember that awful night you got drunk in a club, attempted to twerk, and lost your smartphone? Turns out it might not have been your fault. Phones are going missing at Marquee and the DL not only because of drunken debauchery: Skilled cell-phone thieves might be using fake I.D.’s to get inside, steal expensive phones, and ship them overseas. As a result, the DL is employing stop-and-frisk tactics to search patrons, and Marquee uses “Beware of Phone Thieves!” hand stamps. New York City Hospitality Alliance vice-president Paul Seres says that this is “the number one problem we have with nightlife,” but what about club employees going deaf? [Earlier, NYDN]