Burger King’s Sad New ‘French Fry Burger’ Only Costs $1

It's a fine line between inspiration and desperation.
It's a fine line between inspiration and desperation. Photo: Courtesy of Burger King

The fast-food giant will introduce a watered-down, mass-market version of more clever food mash-ups next week in the form of its “French Fry Burger,” otherwise known as a regular Burger King hamburger with four potato strips draped across the patty. Never mind that Pittsburgh’s been putting fries between bread for decades now, this is the future of fast food: Take some things you already have in house, gussy them up a little into a sandwich, then sit back and watch the Internet sizzle over the news. The French fry burger doesn’t really cost the chain a lot of extra cash — it’s somewhat akin to how BK competitor Subway is currently touting its new garlic-bread option, as if that signaled something innovative. It’s also the reason why Sweet-Potato-Fry Burgers and Cheesy Tot varieties may already be in the pipeline. [AP, USAT]