Betony Is Now Making Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls

It looks identical to the regular wheat version.
It looks identical to the regular wheat version. Photo: Courtesy of Betony

Grub hears that the latest high-end restaurant to go gluten-free is Betony, which is offering celiac-friendly versions of its bread sticks and cheddar-lavash crackers. Executive chef Bryce Shuman, whose mom has a gluten intolerance, introduced the rolls over the weekend. He’s not just swapping out ingredients: “The recipe for flour replacement varies per item,” he explains. “Each item has a specific flavor and texture we are trying to achieve, so I don’t have a straight one-to-one universal ratio.” Betony is also ordering some bread from Everybody Eats in Carroll Gardens, in case a supersensitive diner needs bread baked in a 100 percent gluten-free environment. Further, Shuman boasts that almost every item on his menu can be made gluten-free — diners just need to speak up in advance. Sounds like Betony would be an ideal date spot for gluten-free singles. [Earlier, Earlier]