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Murray’s Cheese Reopens in Grand Central; Salvation Taco’s Labor Day Fiesta

Murray's Cheese is reopening its Grand Central Market location on September 3, and the redesigned space will also host more than 100 new items (including a fancy "European-style" cheese case!). [Grub Street]

Craftbar is partnering up with Evil Twin Brewery to host a dinner on September 10 at 7 p.m. The five courses will be paired with seven beers, and the brewery's Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø will be there to discuss. [Grub Street]

Plein Sud at Tribeca's Smyth Hotel has shut its doors for good. The dining room at the hotel will temporarily be called the Restaurant at Smyth, but the hotel says it's hoping to replace Plein Sud soon with another "destination restaurant." [Tribeca Citizen]

• Celebrate Labor Day at Salvation Taco on Monday by attending the "End of Summer" fiesta. The rooftop opens at 2 p.m. with specials like $10 margaritas and sangria. Downstairs the brunch menu will be served from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. [Grub Street]

Austin Restaurant May Use Daniel Johnston Album Art to Expand Business

Deliveries will likely come via speeding motorcycles.Photo: mskogly's flickr

The owners of Thai Spice in Austin pay a licensing fee to the family of legendary singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston because of the mural depicting Johnston's cover for "Hi, How Are You" that's graced one of the corner restaurant's exterior walls for the last twenty years. (You may also recognize Johnston's cassette-tape art from its recurring role in Kurt Cobain's wardrobe.) David Roberts says that in addition to paying for the upkeep of the mural, which is vandalized frequently, he'll change the restaurant's name to Thai, How Are You?. He hopes to seek an expanded licensing agreement with Johnston's family and turn the business into a mini-chain. [Austin Business Journal]

You Can Never Have Too Much Nobu

"Chefs representing Nobu Malibu, Nobu San Diego, Nobu Los Angeles, Nobu Dallas, Nobu Miami, Nobu New York, Nobu Next Door, Nobu Fifty Seven, Nobu Lanai, Nobu Waikiki, Nobu Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Nobu Hard Rock Las Vegas, Matsuhisa Vail and Matsuhisa Aspen will collaborate to showcase the pinnacle of Nobu cuisine with dishes that will only be served at this special one-night culinary affair." —Nobu Matsuhisa is hosting a big charity dinner in Las Vegas in October, which seems like it may be geared toward Nobu fans. [JST]

Lucky Canadians Get Snarky Doritos Tacos and Wahlburgers

Canada, the long wait is finally over: Doritos Locos Tacos have arrived, dispelling the fears of many envious Canadians who worried the oft-overlooked country might miss out again. The rollout doesn’t come without a fair amount of social-media-savvy snark on behalf of the fast-food chain's marketing team; in response to angry messages posted on Twitter about the lack of tortilla-chip-ified tacos in Canada, the company laser-etched said tweets on to actual nacho-cheese Dorito shells, which were then served to the same impatient diners at a gimmicky press event.

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Jamie Oliver’s Complaints of ‘Lazy’ British Cooks Anger His British Cooks, Others

Inspiring!Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

In a forthcoming Good Housekeeping interview that was excerpted online and has become a bit of a bad-mouthing rant, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver claims that the European restaurant workers at his restaurants are superior to his British kitchen staff. In a typical bout of kids-these-days-style frustration, Oliver dismisses young British cooks as lazy and unmotivated, scoffing, "I have mummies phoning up for 23-year-olds saying to me, 'My son is too tired.' On a 48-hour week! Are you having a laugh?"

No one is having a laugh. »

Grub Street’s Restaurant Power Rankings: Betony’s Big Week and RedFarm’s Red Meat

Photo: iStockphoto

While most of New York spends the final days of August gearing up for the fall opening season and Fashion Week, the fact remains that people staying in the city over Labor Day weekend will still need to feed themselves. And, thankfully, there are plenty of places that will accommodate that need — here are the places people are talking about during this last unofficial week of summer.

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‘Infinitely More Enjoyable’ Than the French Laundry

Ryan Sutton tried the 21-course, $500 tasting menu at the Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa Valley and penned an essay about finding luxury in vegetarian food. "My counter meal at Meadowood isn’t moderately more enjoyable than my most recent experience at the French Laundry; it’s infinitely more enjoyable," he writes. (Burn!) He spoke to Dan Barber, who revealed that over at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, the tasting menu now includes 70 to 80 percent vegetables and grains. Is "root-to-fruit" the new "nose-to-tail"? [Bloomberg]

Top Chef Masters Recap: Dave Hill on Curtis Stone’s Hair and Cooking for Kids

Oh, God, this is really happening.Photo: Bravo

Hello, this is your resident culinary expert Dave Hill back from last week’s hiatus because of a botched cosmetic procedure I won’t elaborate on right now (lawsuit pending) to bring you up to speed once again on last night’s episode of Top Chef Masters, the incredible cooking program on the popular Bravo network. It’s hard to type with just a pencil sticking out of my left nostril, but the doctor said if I really wanted to get my money’s worth, I need to stay as motionless as possible.

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Blame McDonald’s When Wings Cost More This Football Season

Remember earlier this year when wing prices skyrocketed? Turns out it's just the latest injustice committed against the American people by McDonald's. The chain's upcoming Mighty Wings rollout required them to stockpile the main ingredient more than a year ago — and when the world's largest restaurant chain loads up on a single item, it seriously messes with supply and demand. Prices jumped from 90 cents to more than $2 per pound, and the unexpected effect the chain’s buying patterns have on the rest of the chicken industry may be one reason for the “limited edition” nature of the wings. So, wing lovers of America, you can either pay more to get your Buffalo fix at a bar, or go to McDonald's and eat wings that could be more than a year old. At least you get beer at the bar. [Businessweek, Earlier, Related]

Bacon Cars! Bacon Cars!

Also incredibly ineffective as an undercover police vehicle.Photo: Courtesy of Ford Custom Graphics

It's come to this: Because it can, Ford will start selling bacon-themed vinyl wraps for its vehicles. Pictured here is a fuel-efficient Fiesta, sporting an unwieldy amount of artery-clogging bacon racing strips. (Other options include "Side of Bacon" and the spritely "Bacon Mini Strips, which start at $78.75 plus installation.)

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Fast-Food Strikes Continue Around the Country

Workers from fast-food chains are once again taking to the streets today in an effort to drum up support for increased wages. The latest strikes are taking place in cities such as Seattle, Dallas, Detroit, Hartford, and New York. But for as much buzz as the movement has generated, it has thus far not done much to improve workers' bargaining power with the chains. A media relations manager for McDonald's only told one San Diego newspaper, "Employees who participate in these activities and return to work are welcomed back and scheduled to work their regular shifts as usual." [MSNBC, Earlier]

Davey’s Ice Cream Opening Soon in the East Village

September 13!

David Yoo quit his job as a graphic designer, took Penn State's ice-cream short course, and decided to open up his own parlor. He's now the owner, scooper, publicist, and janitor of Davy's Ice Cream on 137 First Avenue, where he's making flavors like fresh peaches and cream, sweet corn with a salty caramel swirl, and "strong coffee" completely from scratch. Yoo planned to open for the summer season, but there was a delay, which means you should give the shop extra love when it launches on September 13. The end of summer doesn't mean the end of excellent new ice-cream shops. [EV Grieve, NYM]

Marilyn Hagerty Likes Smoked Coke, Loves Waylon Jennings

Hagerty, at the Butterfly.Photo: Melissa Hom

Taking Marilyn Hagerty — the viral Olive Garden critic from North Dakota — to a haute New York restaurant has become a go-to story angle, the heartland-meets-NYC version of the foraging with René Redzepi piece. So when I learned she'd be in town promoting Grand Forks, her new Anthony Bourdain–backed collection of restaurant reviews, I wanted to meet with her, but I didn't want to get her opinion of Le Bernardin or Marea. Eating at a nice restaurant with Marilyn Hagerty is probably a lot like eating at a nice restaurant without Marilyn Hagerty, and I was more interested in getting Hagerty's thoughts on the kind of spot she might actually review back home.

"We have a little place like this in Grand Forks ... " »

Thousands Book Seats at Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham’s New Restaurant

Those guys.

It doesn't open until September 16, but people reportedly went nuts when the celebrity chef and superstar athlete's "Mediterranean-themed" Union Street Café opened up reservations yesterday. The Evening Standard says more than 1,200 customers booked tables in the first half-hour, and 2,500 diners signed on within four hours. There are a handful of seatings available for the restaurant's second week of business and onward, however, and meanwhile, the paper takes the opportunity to set up somewhat of a needless pissing match between two cities: "There is also evidence that London has overtaken New York as measured by the number of openings," the article states, which doesn't mean or signify anything in particular. Also, one of the restaurants cited as part of the alleged boom is an incoming Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., for whatever that's worth. [Evening Standard, Related]

Babka, Baby: Here’s Your Rosh Hashanah Eating Guide

No one has to know that Nourish Kitchen + Table prepared your feast.Photo: Melissa Hom

This is that special time of the year — the first of the High Holy Days — when you feel like you should do something vaguely religious. Eating latkes counts, obviously. The Jewish New Year (September 4 to 6) rocks because it's one of the best food-centric holidays: It's basically sacrilegious not to feast on round challah, honey cake, and tons and tons of brisket. The good news — if you live in New York, anyway — is that you don't have to cook any of it. Whether you want to pick up a full spread to go or sit down and schmooze at a restaurant, there are numerous options. Here are sixteen good ones, ensuring that you properly celebrate Rosh Hashanah by eating your face off.

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Long Island Restaurant Got Its Neon Back

An old beacon returns to 110 Atlantic Avenue.Photo: Hugh Merwin

The long-shuttered chrome and Art Deco bar at the corner of Henry Street and Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn got its wraparound signage reinstalled yesterday. New owners Toby Cecchini and Joel Tompkins had the approximately 60-year-old sign dismantled in early June so it could be restored at Let There Be Neon in Tribeca. The pair will reopen Long Island Restaurant this fall. [Earlier]

Restaurateur Jason Denton Files for Bankruptcy

Indie Food and Wine and 'Inoteca restaurateur Jason Denton filed for bankruptcy in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday. The well-loved 'ino closed in March and Betto followed in April. "He expanded his number of restaurants at the time when the economy was in trouble,” his lawyer tells the Daily News. “When the financial crisis hit, he was overexpanded.” Denton's lawyer cited $1.37 million dollars in liabilities; his remaining restaurants will not close as a result of the bankruptcy. [NYDN, Earlier, Earlier]

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