Saul on Smith Street to Close Sunday, Will Reopen Inside Brooklyn Museum This Fall

Are they taking the tables and chairs, too?
Are they taking the tables and chairs, too? Photo: Patrick Siggins

The chef Saul Bolton and his wife Lisa opened their pioneering Saul on Smith Street in August of 1999 at a time when few considered Brooklyn to be a destination for serious restaurants (or so the story goes). Yet the pioneering Saul became known as a forerunner of “new Brooklyn” food to the point that some might argue it belongs in a museum, which is precisely where the restaurant will relocate after it closes its doors on Sunday night, the New York Times reports. Bolton, who has since picked up a Michelin star and opened the Vanderbilt, Red Gravy, and the sausage business Brooklyn Bangers, says Restaurant Associates made him an offer to open Saul in the Brooklyn Museum, on the condition that the original location close. He accepted; the new restaurant will open sometime in the fall, “perhaps as the borough’s answer to the Modern,” writes Florence Fabricant. Plans for the old Smith Street space have not yet been decided. [NYT]