Terrifying Ring Antagonist Finally Gets Signature Milk Shake in Japan

She will haunt your G.I. system, upper and lower. Photo: Courtesy of Lotteria

The J-horror franchise that inspired the American Ring series is still going strong at home, where Sadako 3D 2 is set to debut next month. To celebrate this, hamburger chain Lotteria will begin selling a limited-edition Sadako lemonade-flavored milk shake on July 27. The promotion even has the blessing of Japan's Ministry of the Environment for some reason maybe because nothing says "I care about global warming" quite like a chocolate-squiggle-topped blue drink based on the vengeful ghost of a girl who long ago died at the bottom of a well but presently kills people through the magic of old VHS cassettes and other media. [Lotteria via Rocket News 24]