Miami Pastry Chef Responds to Police Treatment With Frozen ‘Po-Po Pops’

Any resemblance to actual police officers is unintentional.
Any resemblance to actual police officers is unintentional.Photo: Courtesy of Miami New Times

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink pastry chef Aleric “AJ” Constantin was arrested last month during a Critical Mass ride and spent a day in jail because his custom ice-cream delivery bike wasn’t properly permitted. But don’t worry, he’s figured out how to turn misfortune into personal gain. “When I come up with my flavors,” he tells the Miami New Times, “I like to base them around a scene event.” Next month, he says he’ll begin selling so-called “Po-Po Pops,” which are ice pops made of candied bacon, Krispy Kreme–flavored ice cream, and chocolate fudge, for $4. “It’s not making fun of cops,” Constantin explains, “but I just thought of the typical clichés — pigs, so bacon; Chief Wiggum from The Simpsons sitting around eating doughnuts and coffee and not doing much else.” Makes perfect sense to us. [Miami New Times]