Meat Man Pat LaFrieda Jr. Writing Double-Cut Memoir and Cookbook

This is where he goes when he gets writer's block.
This is where he goes when he gets writer's block. Photo: Hans Gissinger/New York Magazine

Superstar meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda is working on a book, currently billed on its Amazon page in the leanest possible way as Untitled Cookbook Memoir [Hardcover]. What kind of literary debut can we expect from the guy who took the hamburger-eating world a major step forward with LaFrieda’s custom Black Label Blend? Grind on and find out.

There will be “frenching, rolling and tying,” apparently, in addition to meat-buying tips (which include “inexpensive and unusual cuts”), and then more advanced home butchering techniques. Pat Jr.’s family narrative will weave through the pages like a larding needle, telling the story of how the company “used passion and hard work to build an unparalleled meat empire.”

A rep for publisher Atria says there’ll also be “100 gorgeous coffee-table worthy photos of meat,” and additional recipes from the kitchen at Raoul’s and all-stars like Jimmy Bradley, Josh Capon, and Lidia Bastianich. The publisher is keeping mum for now on whether the book, which comes out May 6, 2014, will also include specs on how to make your own Black Label blend at home.

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