Padma Lakshmi Knows the Secret of New Orleans

Photo: Patrick McMullan

“I don’t know what it is about your clouds, but they’re almost Titian in their beauty. And the sun was setting, and I had a bottle of hot sauce in one hand, and I was hiding behind my pillow some caramels that I got from Leah Chase’s niece at Dooky Chase’s. I was eating some leftovers from John Besh’s restaurant while I was reading “Petite Rouge Riding Hood” in a Cajun accent to my daughter. And I thought, this is what New Orleans is about. It’s about a beautiful sunset, children and family, hot and sweet.” —The Top Chef host, who just finished filming the latest season, dares to suggest there’s much more to the city than Sazeracs, jazz, and eating oyster po’boys. [Times-Picayune]