Those New Twinkies Are Going to Be Healthier, Maybe, Eventually

Next thing you know Twinkie the Kid will go gluten-free.
Next thing you know Twinkie the Kid will go gluten-free.Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

The first wave of 50 million pristine new Twinkies will go on sale next Monday morning at 100,000 stores around the country, and Hostess Brands owner C. Dean Metropoulos tells The Wall Street Journal that he’s got his eye on a longer term, more radical, cream-filled revolution. “There’s no question we want to innovate around flavors and textures,” he says. Hostess already has orders for 40 million CupCakes, which are being manufactured with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, and the rebooted brand will “start developing healthier products,” which may include gluten-free, whole grain, and stevia-sweetened snack cakes in the near future. Metropoulos, who also owns Pabst Blue Ribbon, says he thinks he’ll have no trouble hitting $1 billion in sales within the first year of doing business. [WSJ, Earlier, Related]