Finally: Minus5 Ice Bar Opens Next Week

Why do they hate penguins so much?
Why do they hate penguins so much? Photo: Courtesy of Minus5 Ice Bar

The long-awaited New York outpost of the Minus5 Ice Bar — where all the furniture and decorations are made from frozen water and shirtless hedonists apparently brandish large, decapitated penguin heads — will open at the midtown Hilton on July 8. Crain’s reports that 600 blocks of ice weighing 250 pounds apiece are being crafted to make the actual bar as well as features like the “Central Park Room,” in which specimen trees and park benches are represented vividly in sculpture. The 16,000 drinking glasses made entirely of ice currently on hand for the grand opening were crafted in Las Vegas and later shipped to New York, a fact that makes one hope that the Minus5 people find a local producer of artisanal ice-glassware for all that novelty vodka, but moreover that there aren’t any blackouts going down this month. [Crain’s, Earlier, Earlier]