21 Strong Reactions to McDonald’s McLobster Sandwich, Now Available in Ontario

The fast food lobster roll is back on the menu for a limited time.

The fast food giant sells this thing that purports to be an old-fashioned lobster roll in parts of Canada for a limited time each year. For the longest time, it used to be the exclusive domain of McDonald's in the Maritimes — Nova Scotia native Ellen Page is riveted — but now, the so-called McLobster has made its way to Ontario, and while some have argued this is great news for the lobster industry, others are just scared out of their minds. A supposed delicacy made with "100 percent Atlantic Lobster" sold at the low, low price of $6.97 ($6.77 U.S.D.) per roll by the world's most powerful restaurant chain is bound to prompt a breath of strong reactions, and we've got 21 of them, straight ahead.

1. The serial warner.

2. The reasoned conjecturer.

3. The longing optimist.

4. The reluctant upchucker.

5. The food snob.

6. The sorta-angry.

7. The full-on rage against the McLobster.

The Spammy McLobster Spambot.

9. The enthusiast.

10. The perspective-giver.

11. The thanks-but-no-thankser.

12. The actress. (See accompanying video.)

13. The reluctant booster.

14. The investigate McLobster McTruther.

The McLobsterconomist.

The unsatisifed.

17. The know-it-all.

The bearer of bad news.

The behind-the-scenes whistleblower.

20. The dismayed disbeliever.

21. The cautious supporter.

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