Kids With Rocks Attack Ice-Cream Truck in Annapolis

Mr. Softee–related crime escalates.
Mr. Softee–related crime escalates. Photo: George Rose/Getty Images

It’s come to this: Fifteen “juveniles” threw rocks at a slow-moving ice-cream truck in Annapolis yesterday, and one of the projectiles was hurled with such force that it shattered a side window. The driver pulled over to inspect the damage, and the kids stormed the truck and … stole the guy’s wallet. First there was that armed ice-cream-truck-jacking, and now this deplorable assault — when will it end? And not to condone any of this insanity, but why isn’t anyone stealing Choco Tacos? “It’s pretty sad when an ice cream truck gets rocks thrown at it,” a local police sergeant says. [Baltimore Sun, Earlier]