Grumpy Cat Spawns Line of Grumppuccino Coffee Drinks

Why is she always such a sourpuss?
Why is she always such a sourpuss? Photo: Courtesy of Grumpy Cat

The starved-for-material screenwriters of the forthcoming Grumpy Cat movie are probably really pumped that the meme, or rather the cat who inspired it, now has its own signature caffeinated beverage, a special meow mix of coffee, milk, and probably some other ingredients. Flavors include mocha, vanilla, and original grump. The drink goes on sale everywhere August 7, but there’s a special preorder incentive going on now. Some lingering questions: Are furry, nonverbal Internet sensations cut out to be mass-market beverages? And coffee, tea, or meme? [Drink Grumpy Cat via Time, Related]