Surprise: Gordon Ramsay Loses Street Food Challenge to Singapore Hawkers

There's always next time.

Yesterday in Singapore, Gordon Ramsay went up against three veteran street food hawkers at a big, PR-friendly cook-off. "Frankly, I’m not an expert on Singapore food," the chef had said previously, with typical aplomb, accepting the challenge. "I’m not sure if it’s as good as Singaporeans actually say it is!" Right. In order to win, Ramsay needed to best the hawkers' collective decades of experience and wow everyone with superior versions of chilli crab, chicken rice, and laksa. The verdict, at least according to popular vote: Ramsay may have won the chilli crab, but he lost the other two. (He changed the laksa recipe at the last minute, and his noodles were "a little bloated.") But at least he made some new friends, who gave him some cooking tips. "It's humbling, it's really humbling. Forget the corporate stuff, forget the sponsors," he told the crowd. [HungryGoWhere]