GMO-Labeling Activists Want Chobani to Stop Calling Its Yogurt ‘Natural’

How natural is that?
How natural is that? Photo: Courtesy of Chobani

Ben & Jerry’s has pledged to stop using dairy products produced by cows that have been fed GMO corn and alfalfa by the end of 2014, and now an advocacy group has escalated its campaign, asking Chobani Greek yogurt to do the same. “Chobani has an opportunity to be a leader amongst meat and dairy companies by listening to its customers and ensuring its cows are given non-GMO food,” GMO Inside director Elizabeth O’Connell tells AdAge. The Greek yogurt industry is booming, of course, and Chobani, which is now under heavy anti-GMO fire on its Facebook page and alone processes 3 million pounds of milk every day (and uses 900,000 gallons of water), isn’t likely going to be able to expunge GMO animal feed from its supply chain anytime soon. “We are in the infancy of exploring how we as a company, together with our suppliers, will navigate this important issue. We have never made claims that our products are GMO-free,” the yogurt-maker said in a statement. [AdAge, Related]