Geoffrey Zakarian Named ‘Culinary Director’ at Plaza Hotel

Taking a stab at the Oak Room.
Taking a stab at the Oak Room. Photo: Melissa Hom

Talk about clean slates: After several high-profile flameouts, including overhyped reboots with chefs Joël Antunes and then Eric Hara, the historic Plaza Hotel on Central Park South has now hooked up with restaurateur, Iron Chef, and cruise-ship guy Geoffrey Zakarian to make its several F&B; properties relevant once again.

The New York Times reports that Zakarian is working with new operators Sahara Hampshire Hotel Management to first overhaul Palm Court, then the Oak Room. Then he’ll work on the “Oak Bar, Rose Club and Champagne Bar,” the paper reports, and also room service. No biggie.

Geoffrey Zakarian Has Become the Culinary Director of the Plaza Hotel [NYT]
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