Who’s Ripping Off Cronuts Now?

The real deal.
The real deal. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

People in Asia! In Manila, you’ll find “croissant doughnuts” reverse engineered from one of Dominique Ansel’s originals, flown in from New York. A Japanese bakery chain called Banderole spent two months perfecting its faux-nut (called a New York Croissant Doughnut and available in flavors like strawberry-chocolate and “rich matcha chocolate”). In Hong Kong, where people evidently give zero fucks about Ansel’s trademark, “cronuts” cost about $3.85. Even New York expat Will Goldfarb found cronuts in a deli in Bali. Bali sounds amazing. Update: Dunkin’ Donuts introduced them in South Korea, too. [WSJ, Will Goldfarb/Twitter, Zhongnanhai/Instagram]