Watch This Man Make Small-Batch Absinthe in His Harlem Basement

Photo: Vimeo

Instead of building a rec room, former commodities broker Kevin Herson decided to put his Harlem apartment’s basement to good use by turning it into a very rough-looking home distillery. Here, amid the creepy dolls, rusty scales, and a dusty old sump pump, of course, the man makes absinthe. This Fork in the Road report takes a good look at the entire process from start to finish, from the ferment to the botanicals, the eventual dilution with “New York City tap water,” and even the labels, which are are hand-lettered. As you might have already guessed, Herson has big plans to take his absinthe distillery out of the basement and bring it to the next level. It’ll open “in Brooklyn,” he says, “somewhere in Brooklyn.”

Doc’s All Natural Spirits Is Absinthe Distilled in a Harlem Basement (VIDEO) [FitR/Village Voice]