Introducing the Crookie, Which Has Nothing at All to Do With Cronuts

They could have at least tried this with Nutter Butters.
They could have at least tried this with Nutter Butters.Photo: Courtesy of Olivier Jansen-Reynaud/Fox News

Here’s the Crookie, the possibly soon-to-be trademarked creation of Toronto-based pastry chef Olivier Jansen-Reynaud, who realized that inspiration is also spelled N-A-B-I-S-C-O. As in the manufacturer of Double Stuf Oreos, which is exactly what Jansen-Reynaud pulverizes and packs inside 100 innocent little croissants every day — all this is, in other words, gavage for complex carbohydrates and an affront to pastry dignity. Cronuts have inspired tons of knockoffs, sure, but if everyone is just going to fecklessly go the Dr. Frankenstein route with laminated dough, why not do Crupcakes now and get it over with? Or Cracarons, for that matter, or Crogurt, croissants filled with brogurt? (That last one actually works for us.) [Fox News via Jezebel]