What to Eat at Corvo Bianco, Bringing Elizabeth Falkner’s Italian Cooking to the Upper West Side

Trenette al nere with sea urchin, burdock, and sesame. Photo: Melissa Hom

After leaving Krescendo in early May, it didn't take long for Elizabeth Falkner to find a new gig. She's the executive chef at Corvo Bianco, a 225-seat Upper West Side restaurant that will "celebrate the cuisine of the Italian coast." That means Falkner is cooking seasonally driven dishes like grilled quail with corn and cherries, burrata with summer squash, and spaghetti with stone crab (plus gluten-free gnudi). She's also grilling pizza, but it's only available at the bar. And as expected, Falkner has a big dessert menu that includes tres leches doughnuts, strawberry cassata, and affogato with marshmallows. Corvo Bianco officially opens in one week on July 15, but here's a preview of a few of the dishes and the menus.

Corvo Bianco

Pancotto mare with bread, tomato, seafood, olives, and purslane.Photo: Melissa Hom

Corvo Bianco

Burrata with shaved summer squash, black garlic pan grattato, and bottarga.Photo: Melissa Hom

Corvo Bianco

Bruschetta with sardines, nduja, pickled red onions, and fennel.Photo: Melissa Hom

Corvo Bianco

Grilled peaches with bitter almond meringues, salted-corn gelato, and sorrel. Photo: Melissa Hom

Corvo Bianco

The space.Photo: Melissa Hom

Bar [PDF]

Dinner [PDF]

Dolci [PDF]

Corvo Bianco, 446 Columbus Ave., at 81st St., 212-595-2624