Here’s How to Help the Excellent City Grit Keep on Being Excellent

Photo: Kickstarter

Sarah Simmons founded City Grit in 2011 with the idea to provide a warm, welcoming space for lauded, out-of-town chefs to serve set menus at a fraction of a cost (typically $75 to $95 per meal) of pop-up dinners elsewhere. In the last two years, everyone from Sean Brock of Husk, John Currence of City Grocery, L.A.’s Ricardo Zarate, Edward Lee, and Ned and Jodi Elliott of Foreign & Domestic in Austin have made limited-engagement appearances. Thing is, however, City Grit has outgrown its Prince Street location, and Simmons has already found a new, more modern space to relocate. She’s now trying to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter to move the supper club and expand its offerings. Check out the campaign, straight ahead.

CITY GRIT’s on the move! We’re heading to a new location and can’t wait to break ground. [Kickstarter]
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