Quinn Attacks Happy Meals, Applebee’s Grilled Cheese

Less butter, more broccoli.
Less butter, more broccoli. Photo: Bebeto Matthews/AP/Corbis

She may have celebrated the defeat of Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban by brandishing a Big Gulp on national TV, but mayoral candidate Christine Quinn is angling to curb the way chains like Applebees’s and Outback Steakhouse market their kids’ meals. “If you’re gonna send that message to parents that this meal is good for a child, we’re going to make sure that we actually know it’s good for a child,” she said, citing a sodium- and fat-laden grilled-cheese meal at Applebee’s as an example of a spuriously healthy choice. Quinn, who says she prefers crudité without the Ranch, says she wouldn’t attempt to ban any kids’ meals, but would put pressure on chains to sell meals “in line with the standards the USDA sets for school lunches,” Politicker reports. Basically, this means more green grapes and steamed carrots all around. [Daily Intelligencer, Related, Related]