Chipotle Admits to Staging Bizarro Twitter ‘Hack’

Oh, great, is it Follow Friday yet?
Oh, great, is it Follow Friday yet? Photo: Courtesy of ChipotleTweets/Twitter

A string of twelve nonsensical tweets sent from the official Chipotle Twitter handle on Sunday was just a ploy to win over the hearts, minds, and social media attention of American burrito eaters, Mashable reports. The regularly helpful and servicey messages the chain’s social media handlers devolved suddenly into tweets like “twitter,” “twitter friends search bar,” “please twitter,” “Find avocado store in Arvada, Colorado,” and everyone’s favorite, “Mittens13 password leave.” Fun. “We thought that it really fit well within the context of our 20th anniversary promotion where we were putting clues in all sorts of things,” a spokesman explains. That, and a great way of attracting thousands of retweets, and accumulating thousands more new followers in just a matter of hours. Mittens13 leave, indeed. [Mashable]