Chipotle’s Playlist Is the Same All Around the World

Mexican radio.
Mexican radio. Photo: Courtesy of Chipotle

Thom Yorke’s meandering tenor “wreaks havoc with the steel and concrete of a Chipotle buildout” according to the man who creates the playlists for the chain’s 1,400-odd restaurants, which is why burrito bowls and OK Computer will never, ever commingle. One man, Christopher Golub, of the Brooklyn-based Studio Orca, puts together a new package 500 or so tracks every month that is beamed directly to Chipotles across the globe once it’s ready. The Orwellian taco twist is that the songs’ beats per minute increase during lunch hours, when productivity is high and mastication in general needs to pick up the pace. Chop, chop, people. [Westword]