Watch Chicago Chefs Prepare Meals With Drills and Hair Dryers


Knives and spoons are to be expected in every restaurant kitchen, but Crain’s rounds up an assortment of power tools and other small appliances in use at five Chicago restaurants. Rick Gresh at David Burke Primehouse uses a hole saw to drill off the ends of corn and makes cobs easier to hold, while Thomas Elliott Bowman of Baume & Brix uses a dual-sided horse-hair brush to scale fish. (“I haven’t found a fish that it hasn’t worked on yet,” he says.) Meanwhile, Brian Wright of Bakersfield uses a paper shredder to slice tortillas, and Sean Sanders of Browntrout uses a hair dryer to tweak the hot spots on his wood-burning grill. Check it out, straight ahead — you may even get some ideas on how to hack your way through your Fourth of July barbecue.

New uses for old tools [Crain’s Chicago]