April Bloomfield Joins San Francisco’s Female Chefs for Special Dinner

Oakes and Bloomfield.
Oakes and Bloomfield. Photo: Courtesy of Boulevard Restaurant and the Breslin

Although Anthony Bourdain argues that special designation for female chefs isn’t necessary, it’s no reason to avoid celebrating talented women in the industry. With this in mind, food blog Inside Scoop SF is organizing a philanthropic meal to spotlight female talent, which will be held at Nancy Oakes, Pamela Mazzola, and Dana Youlkin’s Prospect on July 28 (tickets here). Six other women are gathering to prepare courses, and they’ve invited April Bloomfield, who’s working to open Tosca in San Francisco. Plus: The sommelier and dessert panels are composed of all women, too — making this a particularly impressive and inclusive endeavor. [Earlier, Earlier, Inside SF Gate]