San Francisco’s Controversial Bacon Bacon Rises From the Ashes of the Grease Fire

Problem cured? Or cured problem?
Problem cured? Or cured problem?

The Ashbury Heights restaurant Bacon Bacon, which closed in May after several neighbors complained the ongoing smell of sizzling pig flesh was harshing their collective mellow, has prevailed with the local Planning Commission. A mention of the abrupt closure landed on SNL and stirred the pro-pork passions of a significant number of San Franciscans, it turns out: Those bacon awareness T-shirts apparently sold really well, and the petition to reopen Jim Angelus’s restaurant garnered more than 3,000 signatures. Meanwhile, Bacon Bacon supporters turned out in droves for yesterday’s hearing.

Angelus agreed to conditions that included the use of a commissary kitchen and, of course, to install a new ventilation system, Inside Scoop reports. The restaurant will reopen in a couple of months.

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