Watch Anthony Bourdain Talk Cronuts

Photo: CNN

As promised, Anthony Bourdain filled in for Piers Morgan last night, guest-hosting Morgan’s chat show. As for the guests: Bourdain called up old friends David Simon and David Carr, as well as Mario Batali and Bourdain BFF Eric Ripert. He also talked — what else? — cronuts with Dominique Ansel and Grub’s very own Hugh Merwin. (Apparently the promise of a cronut is what lured Simon up from Baltimore, but even the creator of The Wire couldn’t actually get his hands on full one. Simon, on his blog: “Tony Bourdain, you lying sonofabitch, you owe me a motherfucking cronut.”) Ahead, watch as Bourdain tries his own first cronut and polls the audience to see if it’s better than Ansel’s original best-selling pastry, the DKA.