Watch This Artist Explain How Every State Will Soon Have Its Own Custom Cast Iron Pan


Alisa Toninato is trying to raise $45,000 on Kickstarter to put a line of 50 cast-iron pans, each one shaped like a different state, into production. The American Skillet Company will attempt to replicate the artist’s 550-pound piece called Made in America, which is pretty impressive, but heavy and not well suited for making breakfast. Toninato has succeeded in re-creating more lightweight Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota skillets that can be mass-produced in an industrial foundry, and a New York–shaped skillet is up next, which you can see in all its glory here (Long Island is delightfully blob adjacent to the ergonomic handle). More states will follow; check it out, straight ahead.

And in case you were wondering, while California the state may not have a panhandle, California the cast-iron pan has two handles.

American Skillet Company ~ New York State Shaped Skillet !
[Kickstarter via JSOnline]