This Adorable Bug Wants to Ruin Your Guac and Chips Forever

Too cute for words.
Too cute for words. Photo: Michael C. Thomas/Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Meet Jeff.* Jeff is an Ambrosia beetle, which means he spends the vast majority of his days working on enormous fungus farms inside of trees, like avocado trees. But Jeff has plans, big plans, and one day soon he’s going to hop on board a cargo ship and head to California; where the future stowaway has heard there are other, like-minded Ambrosia beetles trying to get together in order to give rise to an all-powerful superbug that will take fungus farming to the next level — and take down the entire California avocado industry in the process. After that, Jeff intends for his progeny to infest wood pallets on big ships bound for ports in Israel, Florida, and Australia. But that’s all in the future. Right now, Jeff needs to rest. And plot. And dream. [Discovery] *Not his real name.