Action Bronson Developing Cooking Show

Photo: Roger Kisby/Getty Images

When asked, half-jokingly, if he might want to replace Paula Deen, the Queens-based rapper and skilled cook tells MTV Hive he actually has something in the works. “I don’t know if the Food Network is the right home for me, but yeah I’m working on a cooking show,” he says. “I can’t really speak on the details, but we’re having talks.” You may recall Bronson was busy in the kitchen, expanding his repertoire of savory edibles last summer, some of which appeared in his Grub Street Diet. “I grilled branzino, made a vinaigrette infusing olive oil with the weed, lemon, capers, a little bit of basil, a little bit of parsley, and some red onions. I laid it over the fish after it was cooked,” he said, “and it had the same effect as if I smoked twenty blunts.” Yeah, well, the Food Network already has too many grilling shows, anyhow. [MTV Hive via Hip Hop DX, Earlier]